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Our site allows visitors to submit a guest post on our News Blog. Guest posts are accepted for anything online trading-related. We are always looking for quality articles to publish on our blog. You can provide our readers with argumentative, detailed, logical, and informative news pieces of anything that you consider could be interesting to them. Write for us – Online Trading topics are more than welcome! Share your expertise, tell our audience about your business proposition, and improve the authority and web presence of your website.

Attention to detail and the quality of the submitted articles are key. We are expecting only valuable contributions.


What do you get?

  • Your article can have 1-2 DoFollow Permanent Backlinks
  • Minimum content at least 600 words
  • Informative, interesting, and Unique Content
  • Usually, we publish within 1-2 days after submission.
  • No Sponsored Labels on your material.
  • PayPal payment needs to be done promptly after publication.


How does it work?

  1. Please make sure you read our listing requirements below
  2. Contact us using the form below:


3. We will reply to your email and will be expecting your content whenever you are ready.

4. Your article will be live 1-2 days after submission and verification for uniqueness and appropriateness.


Guidelines for Submitting Your Guest Post on Online Trading industry subjects


What subjects should I select?

Online trading is a vast area of knowledge and subjects. You can pick pretty much any topic of interest related to:

  • Trading
  • Online Trading
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • CFD
  • Spread betting
  • Binaries
  • Trading Analysis


What Articles we Do NOT Accept?

We do not accept articles and links to drug-related businesses or adult websites.


Benefits from your contribution?

  1. Promote your website on the web and improve your site value and SEO score.
  2. Promote your business on yet another popular website


Quality Requirements for Guest Posts:

  • The summitted material has to be one of a kind or unique. Original and of course relevant content is required. The material can not be duplicated on other sites – we will check the content for uniqueness before we publish with available tools such as Copyscape!
  • The minimum length of the post has to be 600 words, although we would greatly prefer longer and more argumentative posts.
  • Copyright infringement on submitted images needs to be respected.
  • Clear h1, h2, and h3 structure of the article is recommended.
  • The links inside need to be logical for the content
  • Author link is accepted
  • As your content will be of great quality it would be nice that you actually link to it from your own sites.


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