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We understand WordPress In and Out. Your site will be fast and easy.

What is WordPress?

We understand WordPress In and Out. Your site will be fast and easy to work with. Themes and plugins will be current. Conflicts will be resolved. WordPress is a platform that helps make your website as easy as possible. After installing WordPress you can start building your project. One of the most important things you need to know is to install the right plugins for your site. You can very easily publish your content, which is a big part of SEO Optimization. Yes, exactly SEO optimization is the most important thing for ranking your site in google. The most important plugin you need to install is Yoast SEO. With it, you can preview your post or page in Google, ie. what will be written when you show up in google. With these plugins, you can easily build your website. This is what the WordPress menu looks like when you install it:

WordPress Screenshot


Simple Details about WordPress Websites

You can see your posts and pages where it says Post and Pages, and you can see all the photos you’ve uploaded in Media. You can install the right theme with the right design for your project, and sometimes the theme itself comes with plugins that make editing your site even easier. Conflicts are rare, but there are. It is also very important to install an SSL Certificate. This is the widget that is used to secure the connection made by users to your certificate. This certificate encrypts the data and protects the channel through which the communication takes place. In short, all data that passes from the client’s browser to your website is protected. Yes it is really important to have it! There are many things you need to learn to make the perfect WordPress site. Of course we will provide you with the necessary information. You just have to follow our blog. Let’s get back to the topic of WordPress Websites. So far, we’ve learned that in order to build a WordPress site, we need to start with WordPress. You also need to create a database to store the information on your website. In WordPress you can create all kinds of sites – sites for online shopping (using the plugin WooCommerce or e-Commerce, Affiliate marketing websites, informative websites, etc.). The choice is entirely yours because everything is easy with WordPress.

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