Website Translation and Customization

With our help, you can transform your website and reach new heights. If you want to introduce yourself to new markets and expand your business, one solution is to translate your site into several languages. The other great option that every blogger or business owner should consider is customizing the page. It may seem simple, but changing the look of a site is not an easy task. This requires a team of experts who have experience in the field and know well what they are doing. Scroll down to learn more about our website translation and customization services.

How can we help with your website translation and customization?

Sofia Web Works specializes in all areas of web design and development, but we also offer marketing services at the highest level. If you choose us to deal with your website translation and customization, we will gather our team of translators and web designers with one objective in mind – to make your brand world-famous and make it stand out from the rest. Thanks to our experienced translators (linguistics graduates at a native level, you can choose from dozens of languages and excel in different cultural environments. And when it comes to adding a personal touch, our design experts will be glad to meet you in a session where you specify your preferences. You will be able to choose from thousands of options, and you will get 100% transparency on the process.

When to go for web translation?

Web translations, also called localizations, are an excellent way to promote yourself in new geographic areas and expand your brand. Studies show that more than 70% of us prefer to read and do online shopping in our native language. So if you want to satisfy your potential clients, you know what to do. With our help, you can cross the language barrier and increase the number of your sales – something we are sure you look forward to. Our team can guarantee culture-appropriate translation of content, correct localization of graphics and multimedia. After we translate the website, we will test it thoroughly and wait for your approval before publishing it. Web translation and customization can open new business opportunities and help you reach your target demographics. Take advantage before your competitors do it!

What does website customization mean?

By adding a personal touch to your website (changing the style, colors, themes, content), you can customize it and make it match your preferences. From adding new tools to developing strategies, we are at your disposal. Sofia Web Works offers professional web customization services and will complete the task professionally and satisfyingly. What can we do for you? We can transform your page and make it more impressive so that your visitors will be astonished by its design and features. During a consultancy meeting with our team, we will discuss the possibilities and give you an estimated deadline. After that, we will work on perfecting every aspect of the design and functionalities of the website.

You will be able to choose from thousands of themes that will make your page more aesthetically pleasing and appealing. We can also change the font and the color – in your library, there is a wide range of options. Custom homepage? No problem. Adding plugins and changing the interface is something that we pride ourselves on. We can also create a static homepage, suitable for bloggers or big corporate companies – promote your best posts instead of featuring the latest of them. Change the number of posts per page, featured images, avatars, and category descriptions. Trust us, and we will make your website more functional than ever. Our team will add an “about us” page, a contact form, a new background, menu updates, an infinite scroll option, and much more. Add logo to your browser tab, landing page or change your display name – the possibilities are endless!

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