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When a page needs a little boost and improvement on the rankings, it’s very common for business owners to go for web migration. By doing so, you can migrate your website to a new server, domain, or host. As a result, it can transform the page and increase its visibility in search engines. This event updates the structure and design and helps your brand grow. But there is a little detail – if you don’t do it properly, you may do some damage. To avoid eventual mistakes and problems, choose Sofia Web Works. Our expert team will teach you everything you need to know about website migration and will support you through every step.

Why should you go for website migration?

Did you know that nearly 70% of all clicks go to the first five results on Google? We challenge you to find a better reason. To be among the first pages that rank on search engines, you have to deliver high-quality content, a perfect structure of the page, smooth navigation, and excellent design. Invest in all these features, and Google will reward you. You can also opt for migration when you change your address from HTTP to HTTPS or when you transfer your data to a new server. Changing your domain (due to rebranding, for example) is another action that involves website migration, so think well before taking this step.

However positive migration can be, make sure you hire a professional team with enough experience in the field. A good migration process should have detailed planning, a winning strategy, excellent SEO technique. There shouldn’t be any missing resources as well as the testing should be done properly. Work with us, and we can make it come true.

Which actions lead to migrating your website?

A website migration is a complex project which can transform your website, and make it better. When done right, it can have a positive outcome on your brand and can attract more traffic than before. Migration can be done because of multiple reasons:

  • Merge content

Sometimes, you will have many pages that present the same topics. What can you do about them? You can merge them into one and create something outstanding like a detailed article or a guide. Discuss an issue, solve a problem or express your opinion and attract your target audience by presenting unique content. Another option is to merge websites. When you have two or more pages which you want to manage more easily, you can merge them and switch from a multi-domain to a single domain.

  • Upgrade the design

Maybe the look of your page is a bit outdated or doesn’t represent your style anymore? You should improve it and give it a refresh. Add or remove content or features and make it shine brighter!

  • Changing the URL structure/architecture

Adding new products or services to your website sometimes requires transforming the architecture and its URL structure. If you’re not happy with how the display of information, you can always redesign the structure. About the URLs – you can shorten them, fix the incorrect ones, or update them with relevant information.

  • Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

If you need more security, authentication, and privacy, the right solution is switching to HTTPS. Protect your customers and your website from third-party attacks by adding encryption to the data. In addition, have in mind that your URLs will change as well.

  • Changing the host

Hosting services are a key factor for the good performance of your website. If you are not satisfied with the service or the support, make a change. Also, if your brand is growing and you need a separate server, you should go for this option.

  • Choosing a new CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) are something that you can’t go without. If your number of pages is growing, if you want to add new functionalities or you want to attract more visitors, you need to choose a more reliable CMS.

  • New domain

A new domain can transform your website and improve its ranking. If you want to rebrand the page or are not satisfied with its performance, changing the domain is the answer.

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