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Maybe you already have a successfully developed business that you want to expand, or you are starting a completely new business? Decided to create a website but don’t know where to start? No worries, Sofia Web Works comes to the rescue. To make a website available on the Internet, you will first need a domain name and choose a web hosting provider. Web hosting services provide the technologies that you need for the website to become visible on the Internet. Websites are stored on specific computers (servers) – there are various types of hosting that we will explain below. To access your website, the customer types your web address (domain) in a web browser that connects to the serves and loads the page. It may sound complex, but it’s not – we will teach you everything you need to know and guide you through the steps of building your website.

What are the most popular types of web hosting services?

In today’s highly technological world, there are various options available for web hosting services. We will try to sum them up and explain their best features together with the disadvantages they present.

  • Dedicated hosting

If you are an owner of a large business with thousands of customers, we highly recommend opting for dedicated hosting. The benefits are that you own a physical server that is only purposed for your needs. It’s a flexible solution with excellent personalization opportunities – you get to choose the operating system and software. Dedicate hosting offers full control, reliability, security, and constant access to the server. Be prepared to pay a high price and to hire technical specialists to take care of it.

  • Cloud hosting

In this case, the web host provides you with a cluster of servers. The files of the website are replicated on each one of these clusters which is a great option for busy websites with big traffic. Probably the best choice you can make is choosing cloud hosting – there is little to absent downtime, you only pay for what you use, and the page is not affected by eventual server failures. However, it’s very expensive and you don’t always have root access to the server.

  • Shared hosting

As the name suggests, this option offers you to share a server with other users in return for a low-cost service with user-frindly navigation. There are many features on the website, the maintenance and administration are excellent, but you don’t have control over configurations. The other disadvantage is that the traffic to your website might be affected by other users’ levels of activity. In conclusion, shared hosting is perfect for small business owners or blog writers.

  • VPS hosting

In a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you also share a server with other customers, but you get a separate partition of the server. If you go for this alternative, you will also get a defined amount of resources and memory space. The good part is that traffic to the website is not influenced by the other users, and you also have root access to the server. In addition, the panel is highly customizable. What would stop you from choosing VPS hosting then? Probably the high price and the need for technical knowledge for maintaining it. Suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

  • WordPress hosting

One of the most popular forms of shared hosting is WordPress. This option is suitable for beginners as it offers many pre-installed features and plugins. It’s low-cost and easy to install. Not only that, but it also offers superior performance and 24/7 customer support. The platform is fast-speed and operates smoothly. You can choose from hundreds of themes, developer tools, and page builders. The only inconvenience is that it can host only one website on your server.

What to look for when choosing a hosting?

Before you sign a contract or agree to certain terms, make sure you don’t miss any important features. First, you have to be able to connect an email to the website. Secondly, you will need FTP access – you need it to load or transfer files from your local computer to the web server by using the Internet. And if you go for WordPress hosting, then you have to assure yourself you get 100% support. SSL certificate, 24/7 customer service, website backups, page builder, developer tools are just a few of the other essentials of any quality web hosting service. For more information, contact us. Sofia Web Works looks forward to building the project of your dreams.

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