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The website you create for your business is a decisive factor for your success in the future. If you make the right choice, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. For this purpose, however, you need to team up with a professional team that will understand your needs and will meet them. Sofia Web Works will be glad to help to make your project a reality. Our web design and development experts will prepare a detailed plan and will include you in every step of the process because we care about your feedback. As a result, you will get the website of your dreams – a tool that will help you grow and make your business more visible.

Which are the steps of web design and development?

Before we explain in detail the process of web design and development, we will try to sum it up below:

  • Define your objective;
  • Create a strategy;
  • Research for trends;
  • Choose a platform;
  • Evaluate templates;
  • Customize;
  • Work on branding;
  • Optimize the content;
  • Publish the website;
  • Test and analyze the performance.

As you can see, this is a multi-layered process that requires professional services. Unless you are a programmer yourself, we advise you to hire a web design and development company like us. We will take care of every step of the way to creating an outstanding website that will attract the attention of more customers.

Understanding your goals

We will start by organizing a discussion between you and our expert team. In this session, we will get a better idea of the purpose of the website. We will try to get closer to the image that you already have in your head by specifying your preferences. Also, we will make sure there is an agreement on both ends. Then, we will estimate the approximate costs of creating the website.


After many sessions of brainstorming, we will develop a strategy that will lead to the final destination – a well-designed and smoothly operating website. At this stage, we will present various design options and will give you a deadline that we can meet. Before we move forward, we will wait for your approval.

Web design

Together, we will work hard to meet your necessities. Our team of skilled web designers will deliver prototypes, and you will evaluate each one of them. Our visual and graphic designers will dedicate themselves to the process of satisfying your wishes. At all times, we will need your feedback. After you make a decision, we will move on with the web development.

Web development

Here is where we will provide a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform so that your customers won’t have difficulties when operating with it. You will be able to change templates and add plugins that will improve the performance of your website. Of course, you will get our support during and after the website is built.

Testing and launching of the website

Manual testing brings you one step closer to the final result. Before we launch the project, we will make sure there are no bugs, or if there are – we will fix them. We will add more features and deliver the final demo version. After this is done, we will publish the website and will take care of the maintenance. We will constantly do audits, take care of the SEO optimization, and will continue to do monthly tests – to guarantee your page will bring you positive outcomes! In addition, we can also provide content creating and marketing services. With our help, you can expand your brand and make it more visible for a large Internet audience.

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