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In the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the creation and evolution of one of the most powerful phenomena in communication, and these are social networks. With more than three billion registered users worldwide, social platforms provide us with a wide field for expression, and not only in front of family and friends’ circle. In recent years, there has been increasing talk about social media marketing – a successful way to draw attention to ourselves and the services we offer. Based on publications and relevant links, we can redirect the potential customer to our website and meet his field of interest. Here, our social media marketing specialists have gathered the most important information about the services we offer. Take a look at it and find out why this type of advertising is so successful.

What types of social media marketing are there?

Over the last ten years, and perhaps more, we have seen social networks develop in full force and expand their functions. This is also the case with social media marketing, which continues to grow, and according to experts, this trend will continue for a long time. As a result, we can distinguish several types of advertising, namely:

  • Advertising in social networks (Facebook, Instagram);
  • Social bookmarking (Tumblr);
  • Blogging (WordPress);
  • Microblogging (Twitter);
  • Content sharing;
  • Forums (Yahoo);
  • Questions and answers.

There are two approaches to advertise in social media – B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to client). The first one, B2B, is mainly practiced in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. The B2C is more popular in Pinterest, Youtube, Spanchat, but also Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your targets, you can advertise using photos, videos, carousel ads, stories, lead generation ads, and prompt experience ads. The specialists involved are content writers, video editors, graphic designers, SMO experts, SEO experts, social media managers, and social media marketing experts.

Which are the best social network for advertising?

The answer to this question depending on the public you want to reach and the products/services you want to promote. There are many different approaches, but we will try to sum them up here below.

Without a drop of doubt, Instagram is one of the social media leaders today. With more than 1 billion active users every month, and half a billion every day, it gives you infinite opportunities to attract customer’s attention. The social network allows you to post images, videos, stories, surveys, and add hashtags. If you switch to a business account, you will also get insights and reports about the audience’s engagement with your posts (how many people shared, saved, viewed it). You can also post offers and add links that redirect to your main website.

Facebook, which is now the owner of Instagram, is the other popular choice for social media marketing. According to recent studies, 68% of Americans use Facebook daily, and this number is more or less the same around the rest of the world. The website who started as a local student network managed to expand its borders and is now a determining factor in many аspects. There, you can organize giveaways, publish ebooks, do customer surveys, and attract traffic to your page. With your posts, you can interact with your existing audience but also reach your target one.

Most of you already know closely LinkedIn, the social network which unites recruiters, employees, and job seekers. This platform is most effective for business-to-business solutions and requires campaigns with quality content only. LinkedIn, where more than 530 million people are active every month, offers you to reach professionals, filter the customers, and create long-lasting business connections.

Then comes Twitter, with its 300+ million customers per month. Social media marketing on the platform includes posting messages in the feed (tweets). Twitter allows users to do retweets (reposts) and spread the message they consider important, funny, intriguing, etc. Compared to TV advertising, Twitter is 11% more effective, according to specialists. You can receive feedback from users, connect your blog via links, post news and do research about your business, and most of all, boost relationships with the public.

Pinterest, with nearly 290 million visitors every month, is the perfect place to promote small businesses and startups from the fashion, food, home, travel, and health industry. Statistics show that the majority of the users are females, which also makes it possible to advertise beauty products with great success. Advertising on Pinterest includes photos, videos, hashtags, and more.

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