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SEO or search engine optimization defines the total of techniques that we use to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine results page (SERP) like Google, for example. This is also called natural referencing, and it’s an essential step if you want to make your brand more visible on the Internet. SEO audit, on the other hand, is an analysis of a page that identifies and examines SEO performance – it also can tell if you should make changes to improve your ranking. Without this method, natural referencing is impossible. If you need help with that, Sofia Web Works is happy to guide you and transform your brand into something exceptional!

What does an SEO audit specialist do?

To understand if your website relates to SEO best practices, you will need a professional who will take care of the audit. The first action he will take is to develop a detailed and comprehensive work plan. As a result, he will find potential technical SEO issues, customer opinions, evaluation of the website’s structure. Gaps in the content database, use of keywords, duplicated pages – nothing will be left hidden.

The purpose of an SEO audit specialist is to detect all errors and to create a strategy on how to fix them. Once you solve all problems, you will get more traffic and a better ranking. It’s critical to choose an expert, which knows in detail the latest Google updates and requirements. Only like that, he will deliver satisfying outcomes for your brand.

What should the process look like?

As a start, you should collaborate with an agency that delivers transparency and understanding. First, you should receive a clear plan of the actions that will take over your page. You should know even about the smallest detail, so keep that in mind. The audit itself should be easy for you to understand so you can get a better idea of how SEO practices affect your brand. The recommendations you receive from the specialist should meet your business goals and should lead to augmented revenue.

How does Sofia Web Works do an SEO audit?

Most specialists, including Sofia Web Works, use multiple tools to evaluate the optimization of your website. These include Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, Google Search Console, and many others. During the analysis, we check if the traffic to the website is good, if the speed is satisfying, and if there are external and internal duplicated contents. SEO audits are very detailed and take some time but the results are long-lasting and beneficial for the brand. By examining various SEO factors, we can check the ranking of your competitors and repair the broken links on your website. Our team will analyze the redirects, identify the pages with insufficient content, and detect eventual legacy domain issues. We will review the keywords used, the metadata, the UX, and the quality and relevance of images and videos.

How long does it take, and how often should you do it?

Normally, an SEO audit takes from 2 weeks to 1 month. During the process, the experts analyze the data on the website and develop a strategy for fixing the issues. As you know, your website is the image you show to your clients – it must look impeccable. There shouldn’t be gaps and mistakes if you are targeting a serious audience. Every year, you should make an audit and see what should be removed or added to the page. As the trends and best practices change like seasons, you should follow them, if you want your brand to grow.

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