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Маybe you have a land-based business, or maybe you want to create a 100% online enterprise? In both cases, we can help you. With the help of our web designers and SEO specialist, we will build a strategy that will include the creation of the page and its promotion. But first, you need to determine your niche and think about what kind of image do you want to create on the market. Thanks to e-commerce, you can reach new customers and become more visible. On this page, we go through the steps that need to be taken when creating an online store and e-commerce website. Sit back, grab a pen, and start taking notes.

Specify the functionalities of the online store.

First of all, you should visualize how you want your brand to develop. Think about whether you will just present the products or customers will be able to buy them directly. For the second option, you will need a shopping cart (basket). Here are some other considerations: what kind of e-commerce are you trying to create, what will be your target audience, which payment methods will you accept, what shipping methods will you provide? When you answer these questions, you will get a better idea of what kind of functionalities you will need to meet your goals.

Pick a domain and hosting provider for your e-commerce.

Without this, you won’t be able to start building the online store of your dreams. More importantly, you should choose a relevant and appropriate domain name and find a hosting supplier. Sound complex? Not at all, if you choose us to build your e-commerce website. We will take special care of your project – we will find the right name that represents you best, we will find a trustworthy hosting brand that will provide 24/7 support and will always solve your issues. The choice of domain is essential – you want something simple, memorable, and effective. We give a 100% guarantee we can do that!

Choose the best web design for your online store.

Think about the colors of your logo and try to match them. Opt for something that will create harmony and will complement your image on the market. We can offer you various templates with different styles. Our team can also provide content for your website – it’s always a good idea to add a blog section where you publish useful information and answer the questions of your customers.

Select the products and upload pictures.

Online selling can make you a fortune but before that, you have to do your part and deliver relevant and quality pictures which describe your product in a clean and precise way. To do that, you need to find a professional photographer with quality equipment – the pixels of the camera must be at least 16. Make sure the lighting is adequate – you can use a lightbox if you want to simplify the task. Provide short and informative product descriptions – this is what every potential client looks for. Present the strengths and characteristics of the goods without going too far and exaggerating. This can have a negative impact.

Consider dropshipping

If you don’t want to hold your own products and prefer someone else to handle that, you can go for dropshipping. Of course, however profitable, this option also presents some inconveniences. Sometimes, you will be satisfied with your choice, because you won’t hold an inventory. Let’s translate that – you won’t have to hire a warehouse, you won’t have to pick and pack products, you will be able to add more items to your store, and most of all, you won’t need to invest in starting the business. This means that anyone can join the game – even if you’re broke, even if you still live with your parents. But there is one major disadvantage. With dropshipping, you won’t control the quality of the products. When you don’t see what you sell, sometimes there might be mistakes or a compromise with the quality.

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