Landing Page Creation

A landing page is a website that has only one page. This page has one specific objective – to present or sell your product or service. Landing pages are an excellent way to organize a promo campaign and advertise. To succeed, of course, there are many steps to go through. Impeccable structure, high-quality content (image gallery, videos, text), certificates, contact form – they all should be on display. A page like that strives to win the customer and make them take action – click on a link, download a file, make a call, or buy a product. If you want to make a difference, choose Sofia Web Works’ landing page creation services – we will guide and support you through the whole process.

Why is Landing Page Creation So Important For Your Business?

Before we explain in detail, we would like to note that there are two types of landing pages. One of them is Lead Generation Landing Pages, which gather the data of your customers that you can use in the future to make them closer to your brand. The other type is called Click Through Landing Pages and is used for redirection.

A landing page serves as a connection between an online promo campaign and the closing of sales. It displays relevant information about your product or service. You can include a price list, a section with advice, directions, etc. By completing this simple step, you inform the potential customer and invite them to make orders.

In general, landing pages are effective for e-commerce companies that want to expand their performance. Online stores owners often choose to redirect their clients to their home page instead of a landing page – a mistake you shouldn’t allow. Imagine that: the customer opens a link and arrives at the home page of your website. They get distracted by the various categories and the tons of information that there is. In the end, they don’t make a purchase. The landing page, on the other side, contains essential data and invites the visitor to act which brings you one step closer to finalize the offer.

How Can We Make Your Page More Effective?

Sofia Web Works specializes in web design and online marketing. After many years on the market, we have a clear idea of what it takes to create a goal-oriented landing page. Let us share some secrets.

To make a landing page that will work for your success, we restrict the navigation within the website. After you reached the target audience and you got their attention, you bring them to a page where they can find what they seek. Don’t distract them with other segments of your website – you should strive to make them focus on the essential part. To do that, hide the footer and the menu bar.

We advise you to provide a short but informative text in which you fit the description of your product. A bigger landing page creates an obstacle for the client to finalize their order, for example. Nobody wants to lose their time and getting lost inside an infinite content that has no meaning. When we say that the content is short, we do not mean that it is insufficient. Focus on the entity that performs the product or service. Make sure your page has everything – photos, description, price, inquiry option, etc.

Finally, add a “share” button. Give your customers well-presented content, and they will appreciate the effort. If a potential client is ready to open the landing page, probably he will also be likely to share it with friends. This way, you get free advertising, thanks to customer reviews.

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