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When choosing social advertising, there are many details to keep in mind. Ptargeting the right audience, quality, and size of images, text, payment – all these things we can do with our Facebook Ads Management. Sofia Web Works specializes in web design and marketing and is happy to be in use of those in need! Facebook Ads are a great way to expand your horizons and reach new potential clients. This marketing method is highly effective and costs much less in comparison to others. If you want to create a network and improve your sales, then you are in the right place. We know how to do it properly and explain to you more about the essence and benefits of this type of advertising.

Why bet on Facebook Ads Marketing?

Facebook Ads Marketing is an excellent choice for merchants who want to promote their products or services in cyberspace. For reference, more than 2.3 billion people use social media every month, and up to 1.6 billion a day. If you want to reach an audience, then Facebook is the right place. After years on the market, the social network remains number one in the rankings and is developing more and more. With the introduction of Facebook ads, the organization gives us the opportunity to reach new sales records and organize well-planned promo campaigns. In addition, compared to traditional advertising methods, Facebook offers much more affordable solutions that will not affect your budget. For example, starter packs offer to reach a minimum of 100 people a day in exchange for a modest fee of $ 3 to $ 5. Last but not least, Facebook users voluntarily share personal information such as preferences, hobbies, profession, and address of residence. Thanks to this data, the platform manages to reach the right geographical area and targets the desired audience better. Unlike pay-per-click and email campaigns, here you learn a lot more about your customers.

Can you upgrade your online store with Facebook Ads?

The answer is yes, you can. With Facebook Ads Management, you can expand your client base and reach people outside of your usual network. There are several ways to do it.

Mobile News Feed is the first technique and probably the most effective. As we know, people spend many hours on their mobile devices daily. Whether they talk to friends and family, browse for news, play games, or shopping, they spend more than 2 hours per day on average. Then, there is Desktop News Feed which is more likely to target professionals and people who use the platform on their computer while they’re at work. You can also place ads on any Facebook page, in particular, on the right-hand column. Audience Network is the other option that allows you to reach people spending time playing games or watching videos on the social platform Finally, you can also direct your ads to Instagram which is owned by Facebook – an effective way to maximize your profit.

Which are the benefits for your brand?

Probably you are still wondering if Facebook Ads are worth your time, energy, and money. And it’s in your right to have doubts, especially if you are a newcomer to this advertising technique. But let us share more about the advantages that Facebook Campaigns offer:

  • Faster growth for your brand;
  • Reaching billions of online shoppers;
  • Targeting the right audience based on their preferences;
  • Stay in touch with your existent client network;
  • Track campaign results;
  • Increase the revenues.

All these benefits come in a short period of time if you trust professionals to do it. At Sofia Web Works, you will find top-notch marketing specialists with proven experience. Contact us and we will share more about our previous and current projects with you!

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