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To promote your brand online, it’s not enough that someone builds a website for you. The process is much more complex than that – you will need to install your page on the Internet space, so it can become accessible for all users. But how is this done, you may ask. First, you will need to find a hosting server and choose a name for your website, also called a domain. Sofia Web Works specializes in web design and can guide you on your journey to achieving a visible and recognizable brand. Let’s get into more detail – what is domain name registration, and why is it such an important choice.

Why is domain name registration so essential?

The answer is simple – the name you choose for your website will represent you and will create the first impression of you in your potential customers. The more effort and dedication you put into the process, the more successful you will be. Domain name registration sometimes needs more than one day – to invent a catchy phrase or words that will become the symbol of your brand. If you do it right, the URL will be more visible and help you achieve better rankings on Google. And this is something you should seriously consider. In case you need help, Sofia Web Works is here to help.

What makes a domain registration company good?

There is a certain number of characteristics that every domain name registration company provides. First of all, make sure your future partners have an excellent review by users on the Internet and in person. The domain provider (after the registration) should also provide quality support, preferably 24/7. In many cases, you can get free registration for the first year or at least a low-cost service. Another feature you should look for is a good number of extensions – .com, .org, .net. Usually, the .com costs more, but it’s worth it in the long term. Finally, before you choose a service, check if they offer transfer from other domains – it can come in very handy.

How to choose the best name for your website?

At Sofia Web Works, we understand how closely the domain and the success of the website are. By choosing a powerful and meaningful name, you make the first step in the right direction. Go for a brandable name – use existing words or experiment in inventing new ones. If you need a hint, “Thesaurus” is a good website where you will find thousands of synonyms and antonyms of words. You can also look for name generators – enter a keyword and get related suggestions. Then, try your best to get the .com extension.

Another thing to keep in mind – make it simple. You better choose short than long names. Statistics show that domains with 12 characters score better. As a compromise, you can go for 6-14 characters. Just think about the most successful brands – Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Tiktok, Google. The examples are infinite, but they have one thing in common – a catchy phrase that is easy to pronounce and understand. Make it easy to type so users don’t get confused. Also, make sure the spelling is simple – ask people to pronounce it and evaluate their opinions too. Then, avoid including numbers and hyphens in the domain name registration. Finally, check if the chosen name is a trademark (property of someone else) – you want to have something genuine and unique.

Remember to think about the long-term. An appropriate domain name will pay off – it will make your brand easily recognizable and will create proper associations in customer’s mind. It will get your SEO rankings ahead and will attract the target audience. Think smart, because domain change costs a lot of money.

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