Banner Creation

There are all sorts of marketing strategies to promote your brand – SEO, Google Add, Facebook Add, and many more. Perhaps one of the most popular among them is the banner – an ad that appears in the form of an image that appears on the web page you are viewing. When you click on this image, it redirects you to the advertiser’s page. There are usually products, services, or other types of offers on display. You will see banners is every website you visit – some of them are simply elegant while others are more than disturbing and annoying. If you want to make your company more visible, trust us with the banner creation. Here are the reasons why.

We will make you reach more customers.

Banner creating looks like a simple task but it’s much more than what it appears. With many years of experience behind its back, our team has participated in various projects for international brands. We have what it takes to augment the traffic to your website or your landing page. If you this your company needs a refresh, we know how to reach your target audience and make you stand out. Sofia Web Works will do it organically, by creating a customized banner.

We will offer a banner creation that is durable.

The good thing about banners is that they have no expiry date. Yes, they can be promotion-oriented, but they can also be simpler. We will include your logo and a catchphrase that will resist the test of time. Once we deliver it, you will be able to use it multiple times and in different ways. Our web designers and graphic specialists work together to create a satisfying result that will distinguish you from your competitors.

We will help you sell your product.

Banners are one of the most effective tools which will make the number of your sales go up. Of course, this won’t be possible without the right marketing strategy – we can also help with that. We will find the right pages where to showcase your ad and promote your website. As a result, the banners will be visualized by thousands of customers (potential new clients). Sofia Web Works will guide you through the whole process of reaching a larger audience which will generate more orders or visits. Choose our services and help your brand to become more recognizable.

How is banner creation made?

A quality banner creation is a result of mutual effort. Usually, many different professionals are involved, including a graphic designer, a marketing specialist, a copywriter. Together, they join forces and deliver an outstanding result.

The graphic designer has the task to create a unique design that will blow away the competition – he/she is responsible for the appearance of the banner. When choosing a partner, make sure they understand well the market and your customer base. You don’t want to get an image with flashing lights when you are selling a high range product, for example. The ultimate goal of the graphics is to be relative, aesthetically pleasing, and attractive.

Then, the marketing specialist enters. This is the person that will be responsible for the whole campaign and its conception. Also, this will be the one that will decide which products to feature, how to present them, and which will be the target audience. Marketing specialists also optimize the ad so it can reach the desired results.

Last but not least, you will need a copywriter to take care of the text of the banner, which will inform the customers and provoke them to take action. As you can see, banner creation required many skills – both technical and marketing. Trust only reputable agencies and don’t make a compromise with the quality – this will be the face you show to the users.

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