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How to make a tennis court profitable

Tennis courts could be a lucrative business but there are many factors that affect the profitability of their business model. Putting together a reasonable plan for the success of a tennis court is no easy task.  

Who plays Tennis

This fantastic sport has become of the most popular individual sports in our time. More and more people are getting hooked on the game and not only like to watch the big tournaments on television but also play it as well. It is difficult to estimate exactly how much guys like Federer, Nadal, and Novak have contributed to the popularity of the sport, but one can safely say that they have taken the popularity of the sport to record levels worldwide. Statistics tell us that about 88 million people play tennis worldwide! This is about 1.16% of the population of our planet. The number of male and female players is roughly the same. Europe has about 25 million players and the United States has about 18 million players. China is starting to like the sport more and more.  

Picking the proper location for your tennis court

So, how do you pick a good location for your tennis court? Ideally, it would be right in the city center or at the heart of the main city park. Properties like these are quite hard to find and their cost will naturally be astronomical. The quality of the facility needs to be of a very hard standard as well and this will naturally require a serious investment in addition to the land purchase, permitting, and the rest. In turn, the prices for the use of the facility will probably be the most expensive in town. Contracting the top tennis space in the city park in a popular city, say Varna tennis, is near impossible. Alternatively, you could pick a more remote location. Prices there will be much more reasonable but then there will be the need for serious business development to popularize the location and to start bringing customers. There needs to be a reason for the people to travel to your facility so you will need to provide them with ample parking space, extra facilities, great care, and lower prices.  


Bringing in the players

The trick is to attract the people and this is not a very easy task. Tennis is played with people with high earnings, who expect nothing but great service. Most guests consider tennis not just a sport but a favorite experience. Friends go to play for an hour then they would like to sit down at a nice place and have a further relaxing time. Parents bring their kids for few hours of relaxing family time. So, it is critical to building up a regular clientele who uses the courts and keeps them full, all the time. Empty courts mean extra expenses and Indoor tennis heating, lighting and ventilation are quite expensive. A serious marketing effort is required. The most preferable time slots are easy to fill – most people like to play either in the morning or after work. So, the hours during the daytime will have to be filled as well. Organizing events, training camps, and competitions will be key. Special promotions for loyal players are a must. But don’t expect to simply buy or build the facility and have people come. Like any business, you have to nurture the clientele and give them reasons to become regulars. Counting on random bookings is a losing proposition. In addition, even though it’s a cost, you will probably want to have a pro shop or subcontract one. Even if it’s just break-even, it’s a necessary thing to establish your courts as the local hub for tennis, and in demonstrating your expertise in the subject.  


Investments in tennis courts could be considered potentially extremely profitable, but high-risk proposition. Competent marketing and quality management are key.  

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