Web Hosting

When planning to launch a website, it’s good to get informed beforehand. Depending on your business plan and dimension, there are many options. From low-cost web hosting services to premium privileged, the choices are infinite. But what a web hosting is? In general, it can be described as a service that allows people or institutions to start a website by using the World Wide Web. Web hosting does provide accommodation and maintenance of the page by delivering an easy solution to develop a website. Behind the service, there is specialized backend computing. The developer uses this infrastructure to host the customer’s website via source code. Also, each website owns a different domain name and has a designed space and storage on the web. Excellent performance, unlimited database, 24/7 support, multiple pages, and WordPress management – Sofia Web Works has it all. With us, you will get a light-speed web server, extra storage, software, and hardware protection. In addition, we will make sure your website features a certificate for SSL encryption, which will keep your data safe and secure. With the evolution of web hosting services and technologies, the offer on the market keeps growing up and doesn’t seem to stop. For a beginner, that might feel more than overwhelming. If you need a hand, we are more than happy to help. Sofia Web Works’ team of experts is ready to answer your questions and to deliver quick and efficient solutions. Follow us, and we will guide you through the process of building your brand’s website.

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